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aguadilla taxi

Our Mission

Satisfy the transportation needs of our Puerto Rican brothers and tourists who visit us, providing a safe, reliable and of the highest quality service.

Our Vision

Provide transportation service supported technology to make the service more competitive. It will have committed drivers and service oriented , renewed cars and in harmony with the environment. It will be positioned as a transportation company first class for decades.

About Us

Aguadilla Taxi & Darío Transporand and its founder

We have spent the last 10 years in management and local service, tourist and executive transportation being a Puerto Rican company. We offer a mix of services that allow you to choose the right transport based on their needs and those of your staff. The design of this company allows for a flexibility for our customers by creating a positive environment where service ensures satisfaction. We discovered that a special variety of ingredients needed to make a service actually works. So our transport services guarantee the highest quality at island level.

Our team is highly qualified to provide you with a professional service. We have modern transportation vehicles located in different areas of greater tourist frequency to provide immediate service. Our website allows you to transport reservation or '' tour "which are received and confirmed immediately. We provide effective service to our customers with updated methods for payment that includes; ATH, VA, MC, AX.

All our vehicles are properly identified for the benefit of our customers. At the corporate level the company has enterprise transport and is aimed to become, not exactly in contractors but strategic allies of the contracting company, so we are convinced of the efficiency and quality of services we provide vital services to achieve the objectives of our business customers. Your safety is paramount to us is why we perform preventive maintenance to our previous units to perform each shuttle.


Darío Pérez owner and founder of the company along with his team of transportation, work to serve you as guide entirely safe transportation for your company developing a progressive growth at the level of success you desire together.

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